Victor Lange

Victor Lange

Ph.d. stipendiat

Metacognition in skilled agency 

The PhD-project I work on is called ‘Metacognition in skilled agency’. The project is supervised by associate professor at the Section for Philosophy, Thor Grünbaum (University of Copenhagen). Further, the project is a part of the larger research project ‘The Function of Perception of own Movement’, led by Mark Schram Christensen at the Department of Neuroscience (University of Copenhagen). 

My PhD-project targets a current prominent problem in the literature of philosophy of action and skill on how we should understand the interaction between more intelligent higher-level cognitive control processes and more reflex-like lower-level automatic processes in motor skill and expertise (such as the skill and expertise of elite athletes and musicians).  The project proposes that the construct of metacognition offers an interesting and under-investigated perspective on this problem. The motivation for this proposal has three sources. 

First, there is a current growing literature in sport science and psychology on the importance of metacognition on motor skill and expertise. 

Second, metacognition has long been studied in educational psychology. Here, metacognition has been shown to have a significant influence on academic performance and learning (hence, we might expect this influence to concern motor performance and learning as well).

Third, clinical studies show that metacognition is generally important for attention control and the coping with distressful affective and emotional states. Since execution and learning of motor skill most plausibly involves such control, metacognition might be of relevance in relation to this aspect. 

Consequently, the project examines the potentially important role of metacognition in a series of performance-relevant phenomena such as flow states, motivation maintenance, and learning among skilled agents.


Besides from working on the PhD-project, I work as editor and meditation teacher at Regnfang. Regnfang publishes podcasts on, among other things, metacognition and general issues of consciousness (you can find them hereor through the section of ‘Activities’ at my profile). 

I have also done research in bio-ethics (on gene editing, moral decision-making, and psilocybin for moral bio-enhancement), well-being studies, and the ethics of journalism (you can find the podcast series ‘Journalisternes ed’, concerning the democratic role of journalism, here. It is in Danish and published by Ræson). These research activities have resulted in different papers—most of them are currently under review but you can always write me if you are interested in the manuscripts. 

In relation to supervision, I can supervise dissertations in the following fields. 

More broadly speaking, I can supervise in the fields of philosophy of mind and psychology, and in the field of philosophy of skill. However, I can particularly supervise in the following fields: 

  • Metacognition (in particular in relation to well-being and performance) 
  • The functional role of consciousness in performance and learning
  • Scientific studies on meditation and mindfulness
  • Scientific studies on psychedelic compounds 
  • Higher-order theories of consciousness 

 I can also supervise in ethics, especially in the following fields:

  • Moral enhancement 
  • Scientific measurements of well-being
  • Morally responsible use of bio-technologies, especially for genome engineering
  • Evolutionary psychology in relation to meta-ethical discussions 
  • Public participation in decisions on bio-technology 

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