Manuel Menke

Manuel Menke

Tenure Track Adjunkt

As a media and communication scholar, I am interested in the role of media and mediated communication in shaping cultures, societies and citizens' everyday lives. These themes resonate in my research and publications on the conditions of "the digital", especially regarding the emergence of new digital public spheres, memory cultures and media-related practices. In my work, I investigate how citizens, journalists, politicians and other stakeholders maneuver and engage in digital communication. Insights from my research add to our understanding of how the doings and sayings of societal actors affect public discourses and media content in today´s digital cultures. To grasp the complexity of media and social change, I strive for the contextualization of digital media in the structures and histories of societies that are informing ongoing change and the ways in which societies cope with it. I use and combine a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods in my studies to be able to address my research questions from different empirical angles.

In my courses, I teach on a broad variety of media and communication topics. This includes theory, qualitative and quantitative methods as well as practical work. Hence, students also often get the chance to conduct empirical research or do media production hands-on. Courses cover basics of the field as well as in-depth topics on developments in digital communication and society, social media, memory culture, politics and journalism.


Primære forskningsområder

  • Social Media, Digital Culture and Digital Publics
  • Media Nostalgia, Collective Memory and Mnemonic Practices
  • Media Change and the Everyday Life
  • Emotions on Social Media and in Journalism
  • Convergence Culture in Journalism and Digital Media
  • (Social) Media Ethics

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