Organizing professionalism: a discussion of library professionals’ roles and competences in co-creation processes

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Introduction. This paper investigates how co-creation may change the roles and relations between the library professional and citizens, and address what this development means to our understanding of what constitutes professionalism in the library profession as well as discuss the competences needed in order to be able to perform in this facilitating role.
Method. This is a conceptual paper discussing selected research on co-creation and professionalism. Three brief examples from public libraries in Norway and Denmark is presented to illustrate how public libraries can facilitate and/or engage themselves in co- creation processes.
Analysis. Research on co-creation and the role of professionals in co-creation processes creates together with Mirko Noordegraaf’s (2015) idea of ‘organizing professionalism’ an analytical lens for discussing how co-creation may change the competences needed for library professionals.
Results. The facilitating, relational and personal competences needed for library professionals in co-creation is discussed, and the importance of connections, dealing with conflicting logics and legitimising professional work is highlighted.
Conclusions. Organising professionalism provides another perspective on professionalism that brings to our attention, that parts of the knowledge needed in co-creation processes exists and develops in dispersed knowledge networks and therefore cannot only be developed as an individual competence.
Bidragets oversatte titelOrganiserende professionalisme: en diskussion af biblioteksprofessionelles roller og kompetencer i co-creation processer
TidsskriftInformation Research
Udgave nummerSpecial issue
StatusUdgivet - 1 okt. 2022
BegivenhedConference on Conceptions of Library and Information Science - Oslo Metropplitan University, Oslo, Norge
Varighed: 29 maj 20221 jun. 2022
Konferencens nummer: 11


KonferenceConference on Conceptions of Library and Information Science
LokationOslo Metropplitan University

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